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If you are one of those sexy teens that have made the decision to be an escort, there are several things that you should know. First and foremost, in as much as the industry is lucrative and has high returns, it is also risky as you will get to

work with men with different views and attitudes towards women. As such, you should draw the line from the word go and ensure that you are always in control. This will ensure that you are safe and reduces the risk that you face. That said, the following are some of the tips that sexy teens like yourself can use to start off.

Create an alias. Given the risky nature of this business, it is advisable that you choose an alias, one that will mirror your personality and that men will be attracted to; something kinky and creative. If you are looking to be a high end escort, the name that you choose should reflect that. Do not make the mistake many teens make of choosing a common escort or even stripper name.

Create a site. This will act as your major marketing tool. However, with the fast changing technological world, it is does not come as a shock that many sexy teens do not have a clue of how to go about setting up a site. As such, many of these teens prefer to contract a professional who will do the building. If you however do not have the finances to contract a professional web designer, you could make use of free sites like Wix and WordPress to create a simple and sexy website.

Get other places to market. Aside from the website you will create that will have your portfolio, you should explore other avenues – other boards and sites that will help generate leads and traffics for your site.

Choose your most preferred method of contact. Many sexy teens in the modern times are tech savvy and as such, this should not come as a problem. You could use email, or strictly calls at times that you will dictate.

The escort business is one filled with fun and pleasure. However, at the end of it all, there is a business side to it that you have to cater to if you will ever be successful.

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